Concrete Tools

We have an expansive variety of concrete tools used for placing or pouring concrete. Whether moving a small amount of concrete around a pour to fill voids or depressions, to spreading large amounts of concrete, we carry the tools you need.


We have adapters for any masonry and concrete applications

Bull Floats

This is used to level and smooth freshly poured concrete during the initial finishing process before surface water of bleed water appear

Check Rods

Designed to improve floor or pavement levelness, a check rod reduces bumps and fills low areas while concrete is still plastic


This is a tool that looks like a rake, but with a long straight edged blade, and allows you to push and pull concrete into place without stopping

Concrete Brooms

This tool is ideal for applying a non-slip finish to a newly finished concrete surface or used for decorative purposes


This is used to flatten wet concrete


This is used to give concrete a round edge

Float Pans

These are circular metal disks that clip on to the blade of a trowel and will make floors flatter


This is a steel trowel attached to a bull float handle that allows finishers to trowel the concrete without walking out onto the slab


This tool is used in jointing the concrete which will control the location of cracks that may form when the slab contracts due to drying shrinkage or temperature changes

Hand Floats

This is used to level and smooth areas around the edge of a concrete slab to match the rest of the appearance of the slab

Hand Trowels

This tool is great for finishing smaller areas of concrete


This is another tool that is used to work the surface of concrete to make control joints or cracks on a newly poured surface

Knee Boards

Used in the finishing process to easily move around the concrete surface on your knees


A straightedge tool that smoothens the surface of freshly poured concrete to remove excess concrete and brings the surface to proper grade

Texture Brooms

A finishing tool that is used to create texture or decorative effects by running the broom side to side or in various directions on concrete

Trowel Blades

Blades offering precision handling for the professional finisher

Below are some of the brands that we carry: