We offer a mass selection of millwork products, which are any type of woodwork that is produced in a mill. This includes columns, moulding, stair parts, doors and windows. These products are usually custom or made to specification, which can be installed with minimal alteration. The main materials used in millwork are produced from softwood or hardwood lumber, and some products like doors, windows and stair parts incorporate the use of steel, aluminum and glass options. Millwork materials are used for both decoration and function in structures and buildings. Exterior millwork products like doors and windows are also tested and rated for energy efficiency. 


There are many variations of columns to choose from that will fit any project, whether for interior or exterior and made from wood or fiberglass


With many styles and materials available, this is a great way to enhance any space with traditional moulding to a more sophisticated style of crown or accent moulding

Stair Parts

Whether in the market for interior or exterior, wood or iron, there are a variety of stair treads, risers, balusters, railings and newel posts to choose from to make your staircase the grand entrance you’ve always wanted

Below are some of the brands that we carry:

Windows & Doors

Once the frame is in place and the walls are up, it’s time to enclose the openings left for the windows and doors. Windows allow the passage of light, sound and sometimes air, to enter without exposing the interior to the elements outside. Doors are hinged or otherwise movable barriers that allow entrance or exit from the building, also providing security by controlling the access into the building. There is a wide selection of styles, colors and materials in both windows and doors. We carry anything from standard models, to providing the option of customizing the perfect look for windows and doors to fit any project.

Clad Windows

These type of windows offer a wood frame with an exterior cladding of fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum; which allows for the inviting appearance of real wood without the drawbacks of the material such as warping, expanding or rotting

Vinyl Windows

This is a window made out of a plastic material called PVC, which minimizes heat transfer allowing for better insulation and energy efficiency 

Wood Windows

These windows are made out of wood, which improves the durability and energy efficiency, and most are offered with a composite or aluminum-cladded exterior assisting in the prevention of weather damage and having to repaint as frequently

Exterior Doors

There is a wide variety of exterior doors to choose from when it comes to selection of design and materials. Since these doors are used in any opening at the entrance or exit of any building or structure, they are constructed of several materials for durability, security and maintenance. These can also be custom ordered to match any design you’re looking for. 


These doors are more expensive, strong and secure, offering unlimited design flexibility and most have free-floating center panels surrounded by silt and rail frames with glued joints


These doors are made of heavy galvanized steel over a core of rigid foam, which are strong but have less of an appearance of wood because their surfaces are coated with vinyl or polymer and then wood-grain embossed


These doors are moderately priced, low maintenance, dent-resistant and can be painted or stained, but might crack under any type of severe impact

Interior Doors

With several different types and options, the main decision to make on selecting these doors is what the functionality of each one will be. These doors don’t provide access to the exterior of a building, but will close off sections of the interior of the building, such as the various rooms, closets and spaces. 


These interior doors are made from a variety of wood species, ranging from hardwood like mahogany, to less expensive softwoods such as pine; most common woods are oak, maple, cherry and mahogany, but pine and fir are options even though they are more susceptible to expanding and shrinking

Molded Masonite

These are hollow core or solid-core doors in which a fine-grade surface wood veneer is glued over a solid core of engineered wood, such as fiberboard or masonite, and are primed and ready for painting with a smooth or textured finish

Below are some of the brands that we carry: