There are many steps in the process of building. We offer a wide selection of products and building materials that will assist you every step of the way. From start to finish, we truly have what you need to build from the foundation up. From preparing a construction site, pouring the foundation, framing and insulating, plumbing and electrical wiring, we are here to help. 

Door Locks

There are variations of locks to choose from, whether interior or exterior, and we can help select what you need


This is a suitable construction material for interior walls and ceilings, but its primary purpose isn’t to insulate but to line walls providing a seal from dust, insects and air coming in from the outside


There are many electrical materials needed for installation when wiring a building for electricity and we can assist with these wires, conductors, breakers, fuses, outlets and much more


This is used to insulate walls and ceilings to help keep the desired temperature in a structure or building year round, protecting from excessive cold in winter or heat in summer; can also be used as a sound barrier to reduce noise


These are the pipes used in supplying and moving water in a structure or building and are made from steel, copper and plastic