Prep Materials

Before beginning any project, it’s important to properly prep the area to extend the longevity of the concrete and prevent cracks from happening. We supply the materials needed to prep your space based on the soil conditions and the concrete slab’s use.

Anchor Bolts

These are used to attach objects or structures to concrete

Concrete Bricks

These are made from a mixture of cement and aggregate, usually sand, formed into molds and then cured

Curing Compounds

Since curing is essential for the hydration of concrete making, these compounds are used to help prevent the loss of moisture content from the concrete

Dowel Rods

These are round steel bars that are placed in construction joints of concrete pavements to help transfer loading between individual slabs, allowing for horizontal movement of slabs during contraction in the time period after laying the pavement and with temperature changes.

Form Pins

These are stakes without holes that are used with steel and plastic forms for concrete forming

Forming Materials

Plywood, steel, aluminum and composite materials are used for both vertical and horizontal forming systems, and behind these panels are an assortment of strong-backs, whalers and trusses that are also made from wood, steel or aluminum

Grade Stakes

These are steel grade stakes specifically designed to be driven into the hardest sub-grades and will never crack, splinter or shatter

Key Way

These are in joints in concrete pavement that serve to control cracking from stresses caused by changes in concrete due to moisture and thermal gradients

Nails and Screws

Nails are used to attach a structure to concrete slabs and can be done manually or with a gun-style power nailer; Screws can be used with a drill and a special technique to penetrate concrete at an exact depth

Pigs Feet

Also known as steel wedge clamps, these are stamped steel plates with a slot to accept the button end of a snap tie

Polyethleyne Vapor Barrier

Used for securing ceilings, roofs and walls again water vapor penetration


These are steel bars used in concrete construction adding reinforcement and long term strength to the concrete used to build foundations, walls, pools and other structures

Rebar Chairs

This is a patented polypropylene support system ideal for concrete applications requiring a 6 to 8 inch slab that ensures accurate positioning of rebar during concrete placement

Rubber Expansion Joint

This is a durable and flexible expansion joint for concrete

Slab Straps

These are used in a foundation or slab and is a type of footing, consisting of two or more column footings connected by a concrete beam

Snap Ties

These are tension members that are designed to resist the lateral pressure of fresh concrete on vertical forms


These are high quality, heavy-duty, cardboard structures which concrete is poured to create a smooth-sided column

Tie Wire

This is a soft metal wire used during various stages of construction to secure different materials together and most commonly is used to secure rebar prior to the placement of concrete

Turn Buckles

These are used to align concrete forms, such as walls, columns or beams, while setting to help ensure a straight wall after pouring

Wire Mats

This is a welded reinforcing mesh made with deeply pre-crimped steel wire for concrete weight coated subsea pipelines and canals protection

Wood Stakes

These are used in the forming process