The roof selected for any structure depends on the purpose of the building which it will cover and the design or architectural features to be used, but the main purpose is to protect the inside from the elements around it, such as rain, snow, sunlight, temperature and wind. There are many options in materials when it comes to roofing, such as asphalt, wood shakes and shingles, aluminum sheeting and many more. The type of roof used depends on the method of support and how the underneath space is bridged. Since the roof is often the least accessible part of a building for purposes of repair and renewal, the durability is important. We offer a variety of roof options in many colors.

Asphalt Felt

This type of roofing underlayment provides an extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck

Dimensional Shingles

These shingles are made of two or more layers, are more uniform, and have a pattern that repeats more often 

Hip & Ridges Shingles

These shingles go on the very top of the roof as the finishing touch at the peak and provide a protective bridge to bring two slopes of a roof together 

Ridge Vent

This is installed at the peak of a sloped roof allowing damp, warm air to escape from all along the bottom of the roof line by exiting it out of the top

Strip Shingles

These are the starter shingles in any roof and are the key component to any roofing system because their asphalt base waterproofs the edges of the roof and protects from the elements

Synthetic Felt

This underlayment is more tear-resistant when exposed to high winds and foot traffic than asphalt felt, but doesn’t absorb moisture so they’re resistant to fungal growth

Below are some of the brands that we carry: