Dimensional Lumber

We have an assortment of dimensional lumber to help you accomplish building any type of structure. Dimensional lumber is lumber that is cut to standardized width and depth, specified in inches. This is mostly used for framing buildings and is ideal for construction because it’s lightweight, strong and easy to work with. There are a range of sizes to choose from and the length of the board is usually specified separately from the width and depth.


This reddish- brown wood is light, durable, weather-resistant and easy to work with, so it’s often used for building a deck, fence, siding or even a patio cover

Fire Treated

This wood has been treated with fire-retardant chemicals to produce a product that resists ignition and significantly slows the spread of fire


This type of wood is commonly known as spruce-pine-fir or SPF and is considered structural lumber because it has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of all wood species


This wood has been infused with chemical preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects

Yellow Pine

One of the least-expensive options in wood, but is very strong and durable with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio

Below are some of the brands that we carry: