Paints are a mixture of pigments and binders that come in a liquid form that can be easily applied to a structure. Once on the surface, paint forms a solid film that protects the surface from corrosion, weathering and chemicals. There are many types of paints used in construction and building projects that will adhere well to the various materials being used. Paint comes in such a variety of colors that when applied can transform the atmosphere and mood of any space. 


These are commonly used in the application of paint and most can be washed with water or chemicals to be reused again. There are many types of brushes in various sizes with an assortment of brush angles and designs to fit any project.


These are used to seal out moisture and air from a structure or building, to repairing or concealing cracks and gaps on a surface

Exterior Paint

This paint is formulated with solvents and pigments, but contains more pigments and additives that help prevent fading, mildew and staining

Interior Paint

This paint is formulated with solvents and pigments, but is made with more rigid resins that make it less prone to damage from scuffing and is easier to clean


These come in a range of colors and can be applied to wood during the finishing process to change its appearance by enhancing the grain within a species of wood and also will provide protection from damage


Below are some of the brands that we carry: